YIXING BRAINwave Source of Life and Waterconcepts photo 6

Essence Concept Waterbrain: 1. In the brain, various local custom cycles are being developed and tested. They can be copied into the Chinese countryside after rigorous testing. 2. One globally proven concept, where rice and fish farming can be made sustainable -- by means of a waterharmonica -- can be copied directly to one of the islands in the study area. 3. The waterbrain (the outer shell) has a positive impact on the environment through the discharge of living, clean water in shallow surface. This causes the occurrence of naturally spawning grounds. A water system with natural cleaning power. 4. The outer shell (cortex of the brain) provides water storage. 5. Experiences and improvements in the system can be easily implemented in the test set-ups, so this knowledge from the Yixing knowledge centre, can be distributed. 6. The concept of the Waterbrain is embedded in the existing historic landscape.