YIXING BRAINwave Source of Life and Waterconcepts photo 4

This area is going to be a great new park for the new technology city that emerges at this location. The question is, what the appearance of this park has to be in the future. At present, the area consists of agriculture, dominated by rice cultivation and fish farming with a characteristic pattern of structuring ridges and aqueducts. This urbanization causes a number of problems, but it also creates opportunities. One of the problems is that building a new city on a wetland area (sponge) causes water extraction from the soil, resulting in subsidence. The extension of the stone surface (pavement) leads to flooding in periods of heavy rainfall, because the water can’t seep into the ground. The old villages are being rapidly replaced by new urban structures. Historic landscape patterns and habitation forms disappear. The farming culture is slowly disappearing and therefore the connection between men and landscape takes on a whole different meaning.