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YIXING BRAINwave Source of Life and Waterconcepts photo 1


Modern municipal engineering not only presents advanced municipal technology, but also intuitively conveys harmonious relationship between people and the city, and between people and the environment. It is based on the deep thoughts of related technologies such as sewage treatment, resource recycling, energy saving, automation and IT etc. and the organic integration of people and nature. The idea of the Concept Plant and Ecological Complexes in Yixing is just the outcome based on the concept above. It is a combination of demo Sewage treatment, environmental educational base, modern agricultural base, and ecological cycle demonstration base, by using China ( Yixing ) urban sewage treatment plant with forward looking technology as a core concept to support.

2 thoughts on “YIXING BRAINwave Source of Life and Waterconcepts

  1. Ruud says:

    Dag Maaike,

    Bij het gebruik voor mijn workshop in Kisumu viel mij op dat Christian en ik niet opvallend vermeld worden. Dat gebeurt in de snelligheid….

    YIXING BRAINwave Waterharmonica
    a sketch design by MAKAN Landschaps ontwerp, Rekel/water en Bekhuis Advies: link



  2. marianne Klaver says:

    Hoi Maaike,
    Josephine vertelde me over de objecten die je hebt ontworpen. Ik ben gaan kijken op je site
    Wat ontzettend mooi! Prachtig!
    Dat wilde ik je even zeggen.
    en stuur je groeten uit een zonnig Kubaard, Marianne Maartje

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