Nazuiverend gemaal Nieuw Stroomland Conceptplan

Wetterskip Fryslân


Because of the new highway ‘The Hook around Leeuwarden’ a new pumping system had to be build next to the new aqueduct Richard Hageman at the Van Harinxma Canal (VHK) at Leeuwarden. This pumping station has a capacity of 27m3 / min and was built in 2014. In the New Stream Land Structure Vision, a 60 meter zone is designated as a green blue zone along the new highway ’The Hook’. In the framework of the Innovation Program on the European Water Directive, The Water board of Fryslân had completed a study on the possibilities for purifying polder water before being discharged at the surface water: Wetterlannen. The study showed that device measures were the most efficient: a wide canal with sludge catch for the pumping station and a constructed wetland&waterharmonica behind, in combination with a custom pumping regime that could provide the best water quality. The Wetterskip has asked landscape architect Maaike Vellinga,and architect Nynke Rixt Jukema and management consultant George Kivistsbos to make a first brainstorm design in 2012. This elaborate concept is a continuation of a long run.