landscaping design

Maaike Vellinga works with large landscape structures that by their shape and movement seem to live. Through her studies at Hogeschool Larenstein direction Landscape and TU Delft, engineering Maaike affinity with the experience of the landscape. The constructions which makes them seem to move by themselves as organisms, affecting a natural connection to the landscape in which they are located. In addition, they make use of the power of water, wind and local temperature differences to set the structures in motion.

She sees the landscape as a partnership, a living tissue which man forms part. The fascination with the collaboration of small parts (such as cells, viruses and atoms) to complex shapes, drives her research into repetition and cooperation of structural parts into a functioning whole. The question is how can they shall propose technique and space are combined into a sustainable whole.

The Golfslag Breaker off the coast of Ramsgate in England is an example. Unite large concrete shells into what you might call a mechanical spine, which captures the slap of the surf and the water then makes its way quietly continue. Through this wave breaker are the chalk cliffs protected from the erosive action of the sea and the ecosystem in this area is not affected by a concrete ledge for back against erosion.

With guest studio Daylight iconoclastic side, the research on the saved form under the bridge. Her research into these new worlds brings her to the construction Fuik which hung under the Waalbrug temporary stay under the Architectuurdag Nijmegen in 2007.